July 2011


Thursday 7th 

Grey Wagtail and Pussy Willow

Here we have another painting from my 'Wildlife and Waterways' Exhibition which we have now decided to run throughout the summer until the end of September here at our Wildlife Art Gallery in St. Columb. We are also taking it on the road starting this coming Monday (July 11th) at Stithians Show in Cornwall. Later in the month we will also be venturing across the Tamar and taking it to the Chagstock Music Festival on the edge of Dartmoor, more details nearer the time.

Grey Wagtail and Pussy Willow was painted from observations of a pair of wagtails that frequent the tiny Porth River which I visit several times a week. Beautiful little birds, they really make a superb subject and I never tire of watching them. Gives me an excuse, not that I really need one, to while away my time on the river bank, one of my favourite pastimes.


Thursday  14th


Sunny Corner ~ Citroen 2CV & Rabbits

Well into the summer now with the schools breaking up next week which means I will have the company of our grandchildren on many of my country walks which is something I really love and look forward to, sharing our natural world with a younger generation.

So for this week's picture I have chosen one of my Citroen 2CV paintings as it is fun and very suitable for this time of the year. For classic car enthusiasts the car featured is an 'Azam', a special edition 2CV and yes, it was pink with red upholstery! How to make a quirky car even more quirky!. Sadly, last year my 25 year old 2CV went to a new owner who, unlike me over recent years, will drive it regularly and pay more attention to its upkeep so it will now not end up in some 'Sunny Corner' as a home and playground for wildlife like this Azam.


Thursday 21st

Otter Cubs and Ground Beetle

Westcountry Otters at Home

 Image size: 34cm x 51cm

 Price - £ 65

          Signed Limited Edition 100



Thursday 28th 

Emperor Dragonfly and Branched Bur-reed

What an amazing creature the dragonfly is, the ultimate natural flying machine which is not bird or bat. I love them as a subject to portray and observe. This week's featured painting is of a male emperor dragonfly, the female has greener colouring, which I found dead in perfect condition in a country lane near my Studio. All the time I was painting it I could not help but admire such a perfectly constructed animal. The emperor is the largest of our hawker dragonflies and as its name implies catches its prey, other insects, on the wing. Last summer we were butterfly spotting alongside an overgrown hedgerow when a speckled wood fluttered towards us when suddenly seemingly out of nowhere, came an emperor dragonfly catching the butterfly in mid flight and was off clutching its next meal. What a sighting. The branched bur-reed came from our garden pond.