Know Your Dog

After years of pestering, most recently by my Granddaughter, I have relaunched my Know your Dog cartoons as Signed Fine Art Reproductions on Archival Paper.  As I did over 30 different breeds and it was around 30 years ago this is a real challenge. Any help in this would be much appreciated should you be the owner of one of these prints that I have not got.  They were printed and published as wall plaques .

Please email me:  if you can help with images, Jpegs, scans or photos

To purchase those currently available click on Paypal button below stating which breed/print you require on INSTRUCTIONS TO MERCHANT alternately you can pay by Paypal here and Email me with breed required and any messages you may wish included.

                Old English Sheepdog                Lurcher                          Afgan Hound                  Springer Spaniel

These Images are now available as signed fine art prints on archival paper @ £20 each with free postage anywhere in the world. They can be dedicated to someone special or your dog!
Should you have anymore in the series and can send me a scan or a good photo of it you can have any of the above prints for your kindness
STILL WANTED: Beagle, Greyhound, Bloodhound, Saluki
Phone: 01637 880606 to purchase by card or pay by Paypal on here. Be sure to
say which breed/print you want and if you want the print dedicated to anyone special