2CV Prints

Since 1973 and my first Ami I have owned and loved many different Citroens including a rather 'special' 2CV Special
which has just gone to a new home after over 20 years in our family.
I have been a member of 2CVGB for over 2 decades and attended most Nationals over the years. I have done many covers for the 2CVGB magazine which have all been published as signed limited edition prints.

I am probably the only artist in the world combining Wildlife and the Citroen 2CV, then again, who else would want to?

Many of these limited editions have sold out over the years but I can now publish them as signed Gicle'e prints to order

We are doing all prints featured here including Gicle'e prints at a special price for 2CV'ers @ £30 each including postage in the UK.

All overseas orders £5 extra for carriage.

Supplied rolled in a postal tube.

If you prefer to pay offline phone:  01637 880606

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The Resting Place - 2CV Van and Fox


This was originally painted as a tribute to Bev Abbot who was editor of  2CVGB Magazine 1994 - 2000
It was used as  2CVGB magazine cover December 2000
Limited edition sold out but now available as a signed Gicle'e print

Image size: 24cm x 37cm


The Sunny Corner ~ 2CV Azam and Rabbits

Painted to mark the 24th 2CVGB International at Utoxeter 2001

Limited edition sold out. Signed Gicle'e prints availble

Image size: 24cm x 37cm

The Day's End ~ 2CV Spot and Pheasants

Painted to mark the 25th 2CVGB International

at Grimsthorpe Castle, Lincs.  August 2002

Cover of 2CVGB Magazine August 2002

Limited edition sold out but signed Gicle'e prints available

Image size:  36cm x 25cm

The New, the Old and the Ancient ~ 2CV, Fallow Deer Fawn and Monastry Remains

Painted to mark the 27th 2CVGB International 2004 

at Margam Country Park, South Wales

Cover of 2CVGB Magazine July 2004

Image size: 37cm x 26cm 

The Nesting Place ~ 2CV Prototype and Robins

Painted to mark the 28th 2CVGB London International at

Grasshoppers Rugby Club,lslesworth, Middlesex 2003

Cover of 2CVGB Magazine August 2003

Image size:  37cm x 26cm

Any Luck?  1960

Painted to mark the 16th World Meet at Floors Castle, Kelso, Scotland July 2005

Features three Slough built vehicles
 The Citroen Bijou, 2CV Saloon, and Pick-up

Image size: 36cm x 27cm

Late Delivery ~ Paris 1955


Painted as a thank you to 2CVGB editor Dot Moran

Christmas cover November 2003 2CVGB Magazine.

Image size: 36cm x 25cm

The Find ~ 2CV and Swallows


Painted especially to mark 30 years of 2CVGB
and 60 years of the Citroen 2CV
Cover of 2CVGB Magagazine December 2008
Image size: 28cm x38cm

The Enthusiast's Dream ~ Barn Owl and 2CV

This was my first 'proper painting' that was used as a

Christmas cover for 2CVGB magazine in 1999

I have changed the number plate several time this one is for 2005

Limited edition sold out but signed Gicle'e print available

Image size: 35 cm x 24 cm

The Edge of the Forest ~ Badgers and 2CV

This was used as a cover for 2CVGB Magazine for Christmas 2001

Image size: 36 cm x 25 cm
Limited edition sold out but signed Gicle'e print available



Image size: cm x cm
Framed size: cm x cm